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IPS Community Suite 4.2 이상의 버전에서의 사용을 권장합니다.


이야기 공간 규칙(Off-Topic Guidelines)




Although the term off-topic should be self-explanatory, the following are a few basic guidelines for using this particular area of our website:

  • Keep it clean! Do not post or transmit sexually explicit images or other content that is deemed to be offensive (racial, sexist, etc). For mature content, please prefix the topic title with NSFW (Not Safe For Work), or perhaps "Mature Content -".
  • Do not submit feedback or ideas! This is not the appropriate forum for offering feedback or suggestions for Taking LAB. Please post in Feedback, Ideas and Suggestions.
  • If you submit media, comment on it! Please do not post a picture or a video without offering your own thoughts on it. Topics like these will often be deleted.
  • This is NOT an intro forum! Do not introduce yourself by way of this forum.. use the Member Introductions forum for that.

In short, do not flame users, or use this area to spam. If you find a topic you deem to be offensive, report it.

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